The dreaded swatch monster

Okay, I’ll admit it. I hate swatching. I find it to be a waste of yarn. I can usually figure out if the size needles I’m going to be using with the yarn I choose is going to be right on or not by simply looking at the labels.

But designing! It’s like a MUST to swatch. I want to make sure that I like the way the fabric looks on the needles. Not too loose, not too tight. Just right.

So here I am. Swatching like I’ve never swatched before. And you know what? I kind of like it now….It’s like some kind of “Coming of Age” story in which the heroine all of a sudden discovers the true meaning of something very important. That special little “Aha!” moment.

Segue to the point. I designed some crochet baby bibs. I have them all drawn out, I just have to figure out how I’m going to make them. It’s all trial and error at first, and I’m completely okay with that. I like the feeling of creating something that has never been created before! But first, I had to figure out what size crochet hook I wanted to use. That’s where my swatching began. Funny, I still kind of had an idea of what size hook I wanted to use, and only had to make 2 swatches. But I made them! And I think that’s the important part of the learning curve 😉

Swatch Swatch, Buckle Buckle!!

A little side-note: Crochet is not my first and foremost craft. Knitting actually is. But I’ve been trying to get my hooking skills up to my knitting skills lately, and what better way than to get down to the mechanics and start creating things?! My crochet has come a loooooooong way in the last year. It’s still not as perfect as my knitting, but I think with proper diligence (and cooperation from my carpal tunnel), I will achieve great things with my crochet needle.


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  1. love the baby bibs. Wehave a new great grandaughter

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