I put a monkey on a pedestal….

It’s done!!!

Monkey Monkey Monkey...bib

I found the PERFECT buttons yesterday and finally got around to sewing them on today! The picture sucks, but I took it on my phone, lol. But you get the gist of it!! If I’m going to take this seriously, I need to learn how to photograph my FOs. But that’s another topic.

I originally had a backing to the bib, but decided to take it off because it was a little too heavy in my opinion. Now it’s the perfect weight for a toddler. AND it’s machine washable!

This bib is part of a series that I’m making for boys. The next in the series is a froggy. I’ve already started that one too 😉 It should be up and done tonight or tomorrow. I’m so proud of myself! I really love the end product. It came out JUST like I had envisioned it…and we all know how RARE that happens!



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2 responses to “I put a monkey on a pedestal….

  1. I love this bib. Really cuter.

  2. meant to say really cute…LOL

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