Holiday Knitting

It’s that time of the year again. Where I start frantically knitting up holiday gifts for my family and cursing myself that I didn’t start sooner! First off is Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf.

This little ditty is made with Lion Brand’s Nature’s Organic Cotton. I really like the feel of this yarn and it knits up pretty nice. It tends to not hold shape very well though and stretches after a lot of use. Washing it usually puts it back into shape though! And luckily, we live in Florida so it really only gets use for about a month a year 🙂 Mom requested me make her one since I had made myself one awhile back and she LOVED it. I chose this colorway because when I think of my mom, I think blues. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s her lighter skin tone. Or the fact that her eyes really pop when she wears blue colors 🙂 Either way, I just know she’s gonna look awesome in it!

Pattern notes: Since I made this with a bulkier yarn, I only cast on 88 stitches and did the short rows until there were 16 stitches in between the needles before going back to increasing. It makes for a slightly larger project, but I like the way it lays in this yarn when wearing it.

The next project I’ve made is the Breeze socks by Jennifer L. Appleby. I LOVE THIS PATTERN. I really can’t make it enough. I had the worst Single Sock Syndrome when I first started making socks, but am now recovering (Just in time for the holidays! What was I thinking when I said I would make THREE pairs of socks?!).


Sorry the picture is so blurry. I tried my best, but my hubby took the good camera, so it’s a pic from my phone.

Anyways, these socks are for my Grandmother who always has cold feet (pardon my swollen preggo feet…I’m 9 months today!!). These are knit using Knitpicks Shine Worsted in Crocus. Once again, a bulkier yarn. Grandma has allergies to wool, so I had to choose a cotton-blend. They’re holding shape really well, and it’s not like they’re going to be put into shoes anyways! These are so she can lounge around the house and still have warm feetsies.

The color on my screen looks more like a purple, but they’re really like a pink/purple.A color that reminds me of my grandmother. I don’t know what it is with my association of colors and people, lol.

I LOVE the way this sock is constructed. It’s top down with an optional rolled cuff.

And can I take this moment to mention the heel turn?


Seriously sexyThat is SERIOUSLY sexy. I mean, wow. Just LOOK at it! If I were to design a sock, I would use this heel turn!

*Cleans off drool* Ahem.

So notes on the pattern: I only did 3 repeats of the heel pattern due to the bulkier yarn, and my grandmother has a small heel area.

When it was time to pick up and knit the gusset, I only picked up 12 stitches total on each side (Instead of 17), and decreased down to 14 as per the pattern.

It also only took 1.5 repeats of the cable/lace pattern in order to get the correct length.

For more pictures of this project, visit my Ravelry page. Drool over that heel turn…bask in its glory!!

So I only have 3 more projects to make. A hat for my hubby that matches this hat I made for my upcoming baby, a pair of socks for my grandfather, and a pair of socks for my dad. Let’s hope I’ll be able to finish them!!



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