Falling Autumn Leaves Cardigan

I DID IT!!! I finished designing the baby sweater and it fits! It took months of planning and frogging and research. I took tons of measurements and made tons of swatches to make sure that it would fit JUST RIGHT. Luckily, my little toddler was very compliant to trying on the sweater in its various stages 🙂

Here it is!!!

Front panels with a leaf pattern

These buttons were a GREAT find. I saw them and I absolutely HAD to have them. I came up with the leaf pattern that you see on the panels first before I designed the rest of the sweater. As I started making the sweater, I realized that it had to change a bit to fit the shaping of the sweater. But I’m very happy with the way it looks. It does look like leaves falling in the wind.



Back panel with a celtic knot pattern




The back is embellished with a beautiful celtic knot pattern that I think looks like the trunk of a very old tree. I’m in love with the easy winding the cables go through. This picture also shows the nice raglan seam.





I decided to do a no purl braided cable for the sleeve because it’s different. You don’t see them in very many places. I like the way it looks…subtle, but clear. It’s the perfect choice for my celtic-inspired fall sweater.  These sleeves were the HARDEST part of the sweater. No joke. The first time I made the sweater, I made the sleeves last, thinking that I could just sew it all together like I did with my first cardigan I ever made. That didn’t work, so I frogged it. Then I made it in the round, and the raglan shaping failed. It ended up as a drop shoulder. BABIES CAN’T WEAR DROP SHOULDERS! So I frogged it AGAIN. Feeling defeated, I started to do my research. I looked at countless patterns and did countless sketches and a lot of math. I’m an English major, I don’t like math. But it all was worth it! I love the way it turned out!  I don’t have any pictures of it on my little man yet, as he is in bed. But it definitely fits him.  As much as I know you would like it, I can’t offer this pattern for free. Too much sweat and tears went into it. But if you guys are interested in purchasing the pattern, I can make it available to you through my etsy shop. I’m still working out the other sizes for the pattern (I made roughly a 2T for my boy). You’re going to have to give me a bit to do the math on that one 😉


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  1. This is gorgeous. I’m not used to seeing little-people clothes with so much detail. Well done!

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