In the works…

So my creative juices have really been flowing lately. I spent today sketching out a design for a cardigan and trying to figure out how I’m going to make the leaves on it. Want a sneak peek? You know you do 😉


Isn’t it pretty? I might change it just a little…but that’s my base design for the front panel. I’m kinda proud of it!! This will be my first cardigan design and I’m SUPER stoked!!


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I just opened my etsy shop!! Visit, send me love, send me ideas, send me criticism. Thanks guys for being so supportive!!

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3 new bibs!

I’ve been trying to design some easy-peasy knit/crochet bibs. I successfully made three! 

The first one is a girl’s bib. I used an hour-glass cable and picot edging to finish it off. I crocheted a daisy flower to add. This process was interesting…I made 5 different flowers, trying to decide which one I liked best. I ended up loving the daisy more. I’ll probably make a couple more bibs for the other flowers…that’s my next project 🙂 


This second one I finished up today. It’s a car bib. I started knitting up the background with a simple diagonal stitch, and the ends started to curl. I wasn’t too worried because I knew that I would be putting a border on it. It took me a whole day to finally decide on what border I thought was “boyish” enough. I finally decided to go with a simple applied i-cord. 


My last bib is not quite done yet…but I can’t seem to figure out what it needs. I’m just not as happy with it as I am with the others. Does it need a baseball diamond, or perhaps a bat? Do I need to add a border, or is it fine the way it is? I’m still stewing on it. 


Oh….and….THAT’S MY SON!!! See how big he is now?! It’s ridiculous how fast they grow. He’s such a ham. 

So now that you’ve seen the bibs, what am I going to do with them you might ask. Well it’s been hard times lately (I lost my job), and mama needs to have some income until I nail another teaching job. So I’m thinking of setting up my etsy shop to sell patterns/hand-mades. I have a lot of time on my hands (even though I have a toddler) and can make things pretty fast. I have a ton of ideas for baseball team bibs. I’ve already sketched them out too. 

Hey! If you have any requests, please feel free to send me a message! Take care 🙂 

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Mama got a job!

So I just got hired to teach High School English yesterday! That means that I’m going to be MIA for at least a week until things get settled down. But the good news is, I’m working diligently to get my etsy shop open as well! See ya on the flip side!

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RAWR! *pounce*

Lion bib is done!

I ended up trimming the top hairs because Z was nomming on them. He appeared to be enjoying it, but he’s supposed to eat FOOD, not yarn. Silly baby.

Here’s the super cute button:


And last, but definitely NOT least, a picture of Z modeling it. (EDIT – I got a good pic of him today!)

So here’s some specs:

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn from Lion Brand. Easy to take care of and you don’t have to worry about it in the wash. Always good when you have an infant 😉

The button I got was from Michael’s surprisingly! Sometimes I find the absolute cutest things there 🙂

I’m kind of going back and forth with adding a backing to it. If I do, it’ll be some material that’s sewn on with my machine. Mostly for extra protection against the dreaded spit up and drool. I’ve got the perfect material for it too. But the thing with doing that is, it makes the material less stretchy. So I’m not married to it.

I used an I hook. Bigger than what I normally use, but it had to be done because this yarn is bulkier. I like the way the finished product lays too. It’s not stiff at all.

All that’s left for me to do is write up the pattern. I’m not sure if I’m going to make this one free or not. We’ll see. I only say that because I worked very hard on this pattern and it took me a bit longer than the other ones. I also want to open up my etsy shop and make these and sell them. Mommy needs some extra cash for diapers!! ❤

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I’m a Lion! RAWR!

So here’s a sneak peak of the lion bib I’m working on!

I’m probably going to have to trim the mane and the top hairs a little bit. We’ll see once it’s done and on my infant. Have to do the straps and add the button, and I’m done!! I found some wicked cute buttons too! Yay 😀

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New Ideas…coming soon!

So I just finished drawing up the design for my third bib: A lion! This one is going to be so much fun 🙂 I’ve got to get to the store and buy some yarn and then I’ll be ready to start. A friend asked me if I could make this for her, and I’m only too happy to oblige! So look for it within the next couple days!!!


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