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Sad day is sad.

Designing a cardigan is HARD. Super hard. Especially since I have only knit 2 baby ones and one adult. All of them pretty stretched out as far as time. And let’s face it…anything that was knit while I was pregnant is now completely erased from my brain along with the feelings of being pregnant. Here’s what I was working on:


Forgive the photo quality as I took them with my iphone. Pretty aren’t they? They sure are! I was quite proud of these. Here’s what I’ve got right now:


Sad day is SAD. So how did I go from those wonderful pieces of cardigan to these balls of yarn instead of the other way around? I’ll tell you. I put the cardigan together. The fronts and the back fit each other perfectly. I was excited! Then came the sleeves…I think I might have died a little inside. I tried 4 different times. Frogging the sleeves and starting over with them. If this was a vest, it would have looked fine. BUT IT’S NOT A VEST AND OMG I’M RIPPING MY HAIR OUT.  

So I decided to frog the whole thing and try to knit it all in the round with raglan shaping. Apparently my raglan SUCKS. I went a little bold with a 4 st raglan and I think that’s where the first problem started. Now I have a cardigan that is an atrocious drop down shoulder that I HATE. It looks awful on my kid.

Where do I go from here? I’m unsure. Obviously I’m not the type to stop trying. This cardigan WILL get done. Perhaps I’ll try steeking. I’m not sure. One thing I am sure of is that I’m going to keep trying. I’m also going to paint my nails. I need a little pampering to recover from this emotional trauma! haha 


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